Boom Room Foley

Foley sound recording & editing

Foley plays a vital role in constructing a natural and immersive film sound experience, and at Boom Room Foley, our passion is creating it. Boom Room Foley is comprised of walker Sam Rogers and recordist Geoff Crowther - two freelancers who met, and primarily work with the South Australian Film Corporation at Adelaide Studios. We are experienced in providing rich audio coverage tailored to your budgetary needs and production schedule. From understated footsteps in a quiet emotive scene, to complex layers of frantic action sound, we can construct a visceral sonic experience for your audience.


Background photos by Sam Oster

Sam Rogers began his career as a Foley artist in 2008 at the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) assisting award-winning Foley artist Adrian Medhurst on a number of projects including Stormworld, The King is Dead and Figaro Pho. He later worked as a Foley recordist at Feet ’n’ Frames studio with renowned Foley artist John Simpson,  on features including The Great Gatsby, I Frankenstein, The Grandmaster and Walking With Dinosaurs. Since then Sam has honed his skills as the SAFC's primary Foley artist, earning himself a number of awards in the fields of film and television.

Geoff Crowther is a film studies graduate with over 10 years experience in audio production. Having developed his skills as an electronic musician, Geoff's career focus has shifted towards film & television post-production. He currently specialises in Foley and ADR, whilst still participating in music production, scoring for the screen and live mixing.